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We bring a unique background to the table. Not only do we really know about anger, but we are also systemically trained as Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) to provide the best services for relationships. We understand the co-dependent, cyclical dynamics anger creates in couples and families, and we know how to break them.

We see anger as a protection. An often out-of-control, suffocating, and abusive protection, which hides the vulnerable self: the wounded child inside that has been unseen, unheard, and silent. We provide a deep, insightful look at your core way of existing in relationship to your self and others.

We don’t simply manage anger. Often times an immense amount of pain and suffering precedes anger, and managing it with behavioral techniques is a short-term bandage that easily comes undone when triggered. Instead, we help clients to identify the pain and suffering that has been masked by anger. Angry feelings, when not understood and expressed in healthy ways, become defenses which continuously launch attacks for the purpose of destroying the person, thing, idea, etc. which triggered the anger in the first place.

We work with clients to move through defense structures and into self-expression for the purpose of healing their suffering. We believe in each individual client’s inherent strength to create change and help actualize this potential. We accept client’s struggles with anger and understand the shame and embarrassment that follows hurting those closest in relationship.

In transforming anger, clients can expect:

Through a new insight into the protection anger provides, clients will learn to focus on and witness their own wounding that precedes anger, to stop waiting for the source of their anger to change, and to find within themselves the strength and courage to accept the call to action: a voice holding us accountable for our own suffering.

We treat anger in the following modalities:

Individual and Couple Therapy: Sessions are scheduled Monday-Saturday.
Call 917-968-5599 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Weekly Support Groups: The group format is a mix between relaxation and meditation, discussion, creative and experiential exercises. The groups have been divided by gender to offer the space to address the different challenges men and women face when dealing with anger.

Couple’s One-Day Workshop: This Workshop aims to help couples communicate successfully, without anger, and to introduce a journey to resolving differences. Space is limited to 3 couples.

One-day Anger Intensive Workshop: This workshop includes a short meditation practice, a lecture presenting the material, discussion, Q&A, experiential exercises using real life situations as well as a written exercise. Space is limited to 8 people.

10-Session Anger Program:
This program is short-term, brief therapy, focused on cognitive-behavioral patterns and changes to help clients re-direct their anger when triggered, and use healthy and productive coping mechanisms. For clients who realize there is deeper work needed, to address the roots of their anger, therapy can continue past the 10 weeks.

Call us at 917-968-5599 to schedule an appointment.

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