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8 Week Anger Management Group

Are you angry? Do you experience too much aggravation and frustration? Are you quick to react, and lose your temper? Midtown MFT offers counseling and psychotherapy for anger, an 8-week anger management group, and a one-day anger workshop in NYC.

Join us to explore how understanding and managing your angry feelings can transform your life and relationships. Our anger management group offers a safe forum in which men and women can find ways to transform their anger through insight, self-expression, communication skills, and awareness.
This anger management group focuses on the parts of us that can react so quickly with anger. If you experience frequent, intense anger and behave destructively to yourself or others when angry, you will benefit from this group.

Fridays: 6—7:30pm ( initial start date 09.13.13 )
Each week focuses on insight and skill building. You can expect to learn:

Structure of Group:
This anger management group is limited to 8 people, which is why registration for the entire group is important. When you register for 8 sessions, you are required to pay for your seat, even if there is a session you must miss at the last minute. If you have a pre-scheduled event, work trip, or vacation planned, notify the group facilitator ahead of time and arrangements can be made for a make-up.

Workshop Details:
Cost: $75/group session and $125 for the initial intake.

An individual intake session and pre-registration is required prior to joining the group – you can't just drop in. A payment plan can be made available…just ask.

Typically, clients are asked to register in 8-week cycles, which is why the payment buttons reflect $600 for eight group sessions, and $725 for the intake plus eight group sessions. This helps keep consistency within group members.

Group Facilitator: Ellen Gregory, LMFT  is the facilitator of our anger management group. Ellen has over a decade of experience helping individual and couples experience life with a lot less anger.

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