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Treatment for Anxiety, New York, NY, Midtown, PTSD, Panic Attacks, Excessive Worry, OCD:

Treatment for Anxiety:

Anxiety MonsterAnxiety is an essential component of the human experience. It keeps us safe on a long walk home in the city, or extra alert and focused when we need to take an exam. Unfortunately, some individuals discover that they possess "too much" anxiety and find themselves becoming anxious or having panic attacks where it does not serve or protect them. Anxiety can feel terrifying, debilitating and can sometimes cause an individual to make choices in their life with anxiety being the driving force.

Individuals struggling with anxiety tend to think that constant anxiety and panic attacks are just part of who they are. It is our belief that one has a choice to whether or not they want to live an anxious life. Our therapists will safely guide you to first learn about how your anxiety uniquely operates, and then collaborate with you on ways to reduce and manage your anxiety using a variety of holistic, mindful, and eclectic tools and techniques.

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