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Finance 101:

Scheduled 2013 Dates (Sundays – 9-1):

Finance 101Learn how to structure, hold, budget, forecast income, and plan for yearly profit increases.

Understanding finances of a private therapy practice is a needed piece of the business puzzle that most therapists haven't had the opportunity to learn. Our clinical program taught us to be a great clinician, but most lacked providing us with the ability to support ourselves financially.

On top of a lack of knowledge, many therapists out there have deeply rooted wounds associated with asking for money and feeling into their value, and don't feel deserving of thriving financially off a career of helping others. So many of us live in states of deprivation, not knowing how to achieve abundance.

Topics covered include::

I can help you structure the financial piece of your therapy private practice, set fees and structure a sliding scale policy, concretely account for expenses and sales projections, track relevant statistics, project income, and increase fees by average 10% every year (and hopefully more).

Learn more about these one-day workshops to to financially empower yourself! Visit us at http://practicebuildingfortherapists.com/

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