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A little history, or more appropriately called, ‘Her’story…
I first opened our doors in April of 2001 and set out on my own journey of developing a private practice. During that time, our profession was dedicated to establishing licensure in New York State. In 2004, a scope of practice for Marriage and Family Therapists was signed into law, and, by 2006, the state began processing applications for licensure. Immediately, I began to see three very concrete needs: The lack of relational counseling services provided by systemically trained Marriage and Family Therapists; interns needing a supportive, quality site for training; and, affordable rates so average hard-working people can afford the private practice setting.

This was the birth of our vision: to have a supportive community of therapists in training, and to provide quality relational therapy, at rates the average person could afford, in the private practice model.

That was the focus of what we could provide to the outside community. On the inside, I always longed for a workplace where I found my passion and felt supported by a community I could be nurtured by, learn from, and collaborate with, as well as offer my own experience to mentor and lead. Everyone is an asset and everyone has value. I spent many years in corporate America realizing the downfall of the common hierarchial structure. The best kept secret of Midtown MFT is the collaborative process. Our Interns, Associates, Licensed staff, and Supervisors all meet weekly and share in the creative process, decision making, and support. Our trainings are often influenced by what is happening in our community.

And we did it!!! Reflecting back on the past few years of our birth, development, and journey to the life we are living, I am truly thankful to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. This has been an amazing experience for me both personally and professionally. It is truly a gift to love what you do.

I could not have done this alone. I send a tremendous amount of appreciation to Elena Hull, LMFT, CAT, Midtown’s Clinical Director and Associate Supervisor. Her clinical direction, consistent grounded presence, and dedication to the learning process of therapists has made us as solid as we are. Additionally, Christina Curtis, LMFT, has accepted the role of Assistant Clinical Director and Intern Supervisor. Christina joined Midtown in 2008 as a Licensed Staff member and Group Supervision Supervisor. She is a true professional, mentor and leader, and the perfect person to support our Interns. She fosters a safe and open atmosphere to question, to explore, and to help everyone else find his or her own unique therapeutic voice.

I have two very talented, compassionate, and amazing women leading my team. I have now placed myself in the Executive Director role where I can focus on updating the operations of the practice, extended community relationships, marketing, advertising, and growth, so more New Yorker’s will have the chance to experience Midtown MFT!

- Ellen Gregory, Founder of Midtown MFT

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